Tez Talks 2019

March 23rd

San Mateo, California 

The inaugural TEZ TALKS was hosted by Tezos Commons in Silicon Valley.  12 speakers took the stage to talk about Tezos and the future of the commons. Bakers, Builders and Visionaries.  These are their stories...

Meet the visionaries

Kathleen Breitman is a co-founder of Tezos and is the founder and CEO of Coase. She talks about her new venture in blockchain enabled games.

Meltem Demirors is the Chief Strategy Officer at Coinshares. She talks about finding a purpose for Tezos and where it can go.

Alison Mangerio is the founder and CEO of Tocqueville Group.   She talks about  governance and the future of the commons.

Jacob Arluck is a blockchain governance expert at TQ.  He talks about the Tezos amendment process and Tezos Agora.

Meet the builders

Stephen Andrews is a Tezos Original. He wrote the first Tezos wallet - Tezbox, runs TezTech, and is the CTO of VIAZ. He talks about making Tezos user friendly.

Bernd Oostrum is the CEO of Tezsure, the first Insurance company on the Tezos blockchain.  He talks about the decentrailzed future of insurance.

Sony Joseph is the CEO of Kalhatti, a service for owning physical assets on the blockchain. He is talking about decentralized finance.

Meet the bakers

Luke is the CEO of Blockscale, the baker that runs the Tezos Foundation bakeries.  He also is an engineer with Coinbase.  He talks about building the machines that run the machines.

Awa is the co-founder of Cryptium Labs, one of the largest bakeries in the Tezos ecosystem.  She writes extensively about the Tezos protocol and is talking about the next 5 years of Tezos.

Jonas is the CEO of Tezos Capital, among the largest Tezos delegation services.  He also produces the Tezonomics podcast.  He is talking about why blockchains matter.

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